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Coomera Friday Night 10/12

Two Kay Gee

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Headed down to Coomera on Friday Night 10/12.

Upon arrival at the boat ramp,we threw the cast-net a few times and all we got were undersize Mud Crabs.

Walked over to the Overflow on the Boatramp side and netted heaps of BIG Mullet,Small Bream and a 40cm Flathead.

Whilst waiting for my mates to unload the boat,threw a popper for about 30 minutes.

Had 1 strike from something,but missed out on setting the hooks.

Loaded the boat and set out.Threw the Crab Pots and went for a fish under the bridge.

Set a livey,and used the Bream Rod with Mullet Fillets.

No bites in 45minutes.Nothing.There were heaps of Crabs grabbing the bait,but none made it to the boat.

Went a little bit further up,throwing Poppers into the shallows.Nothing.

The whole river was totally shut down.

The Crab Pots were full of young Mud Crabs,nothing of size.

Generally a very dismal night.

Has any1 actually fished the lake on the boatramp side ?

There are some solid fish in there......

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