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Lake Samsonvale Fish Stocking.


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Over the last few weeks PRFMA members have been busy stocking fingerlings into NPD.

Stocked so far.

24 000 Golden Perch.

140 000 Bass

122 Saratoga

With another 30 000 Bass yet to be stocked.

Many thanks to all permit holders, anyone who has a SIPS permit, sponsors, the hatcheries that supplied fingerlings and all the hard working volunteers.



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need to add some more saras in

Mate not really.

Saratoga are an awesome sporting fish with much less pressure. These are (should be) a 99% catch and release fish unlike bass and yellas in north pine.

This combined with the fact that:

a: They are more difficult to breed en masse (as is my understanding)...

b: They can breed (and do) in the dam unlike bass and yellas...

c: They are arguably more diffucult to target...

Would leave to think the logical number to stock would be far less than the other species.

The above is purely opiniative as I have nothing to do with stocking (except paying my permit) so if anyone disagrees and is in the know please dont hesitate to constructively cristise.

Well done to the stocking groups. It makes me more than happy and obliging to pay my permits :)


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