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Well decided to go for a flick so dropped of the wife at work,picked up a mate and headed up to petrie for a quick flick by the time we arrived the sun was out in full force we lazily flicked around for a couple hours with a few taps here and there i decided to chuck on a TT blade and first cast wack i was on had a brief little fight and lande this nice little goer



as you can see not a bad little fella, released him back into the water after swiming him for a bit then proceeded to cast around a bit more, got snagged lost another lure ( lost around $80 of lures in last week due to snags), and as it was around 11am decided to call it quits and go get a feed at macca's on way home...all in a enjoyable morning.

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amazing that you got any action with the water so churned after the recent rains, well done mate. were there many people down there?


i was there today rocket, the white bucket crew is still multiplying with approx 15 of them today

I was there early yesterday morning and came across about that number. No fish in their buckets or bags. After the crackdown from fisheries they probably had them hidden up their bums.

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