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35watt camping solar panels


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hhmm tricky one doss.it gets a bit mathical.

to find out amps -- its watts divided by voltage = amps

to find out watts- its amps multiplied by voltage =watts

how many volts is the batt we know that its 12

how many ah amp hour is the batt?

how many amps does the colman hot water system draw in ah-(amp hours)? if it only tells you in watts then work it out. so that will be watts divided by 12v = amps used p/hr

amps used per hour multiplied by the running time of the unit in this case hot water when used unless the unit runs cotinuously to keep hot then you multiply the amps by 24hr now turn this figure you get back into watts and this is watts p hr you get and from this you work out tthh size of the solar panal you will need to use in maximum sun.

or you could optionaly go for a smaller watt solarpanel and work out how many hours it will take to charge it back up

e.g say the end result was 140 watts phr in total. it wont be but just say it was using a 35 watt phr panel- 140w divided by 35 = 4

so around 4hrs of decent sun is needed to replace the used amps.

i hope this helps ya work it out ok it takes a bit to get ya head around it

alternativly you could try and hunt down a car charger to suit the battery type and use the car cigy lighter which is normally protected by 20 amp fuse 20amp multuply by 12v= 240watt fuse its protected by

this could be more cheaper and efficient than solar set up

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