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catfish aplenty


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so Sunday i was having me mid morning coffee after my mid morning wake up and looking at the weather and tides .

thought bugger it will go for a fish and a crab around the gateway area of the Brisbane river.

it can only rain on us ,i had a rain plan .sit under the bridges in aquarium passage ,have a fish there.

so the 2 younger girls wanted to come for a fish ,so we got everything ready etc and off we headed .

off to the local shops for some snacks and drinks ,then to the servo to get fuel for the cruiser and boat .

well we didn't make it to the servo ,ran out of fuel on the main drag of redbank plains right in the middle of a main round about .

shame shame shame .

so after many many cars drive past ,giving me dirty looks and sitting behind me ,etc .no 1 would stop so i could get off the road .after about 10 mins a few nice people came and helped and we stopped the traffic and pushed the cruiser and boat off the main road to a side street .so empty some boat fuel onto the cruiser and off to the servo we go .so by the time i get fuel ,pump the tyres etc ,its 130pm

i'm like bugger it not going to mouth area of the river now ,it was high tide at 2 pm and by the time we got there and rig up and get on the water it would have been around 3 pm.so we went to kooka park .

so kept my 4 worst pots on the boat and off we go .

dropped the pots in the area just past the fishing platform to the big bend in the river .few jet skis around so i dropped the close to the bank opposite side to the ramp .

so we anchored up on the bend and had a fish ,frozen prawns for bait .pulled in a few catfish ,i put one out as a live bait .

had jet ski's and ski boats zooming around us most of the afternoon .

chelsei with a catty.first fish caught for the day .

first ever fish chelsei caught .all by her self ,she got pretty excited ,think this is her 3rd or 4rd trip out trying to catch a fish .


trystyn with a little catty .


me with a catty.


chelsei 's second fish ever caught .she got almost as excited this time too .after she caught this 1 .she told me i was the best dad ever .something to do with fish ,lollies and chips i think .:)


trystyn with another catfish.


so we got a bit bored of catfish ,so went to the mouth of kholo creek .caught more catfish .

the weather was nice for the afternoon ,little bit of a spit a few times ,but it blew over and we had a nice sunny afternoon and was quite down at kholo creek ,no ski boat or jet ski's .

trystyn with catfish 3 for the day .


me with another catty .


watched a big goanna on sun baking on the fallen tree ,it moved off as the sun set but i was to slow with my phone and didn't get a picture.


it was a nice afternoon a few catfish caught to keep us entertained .no interest in the live catfish so it got let go to live another day .


so the sun was setting ,so we headed back to check the pots ,there was no interest in them either ,looked like the bait had not been touched at all ,not even a catfish or a turtle had a nibble .


so pull the boat up ,find out once it up that some bugger had cut the winch strap ,leaving about 3 mm not cut .

dam buggers .

so came home put the stuff away and clean up.

so this morning i go out back for a smoke and coffee and there is every fly in Brisbane sitting in my boat ..............i'm like oh crap forgot about the pots ,so bin the bait and get swarmed fly's,hose them off and let them sit in the sun for the day .



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Nice one davo, even though you got catties, still would be good to get out. I went out there a few days's ago and the water was very dirty. It looks like it was still quite dirty in the pics? How's it looking, should be starting to get clearer, pretty keen to head out there and chase some more sharks

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it tasted pretty fresh ,still milky brown .

the water just sat still for a few hrs ,there was no incoming tide movement up to high tide .

eventually we noticed the tide turning and start to run out ,that's when the crap in the river started to float down .

logs and tree branches and weed etc ,but not real bad .i have seen a lot more crap in the river than there was Sunday .

i heard they open the gates at wivenhoe this afternoon .

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Ok thanks Davo. Yeah think it might take a bit longer to clear. I tried basically all day a couple day's ago for nothing. B) Tasted the water aswell, and it was very fresh that's for sure. I think I might head out there Friday and give it another crack, hopefully looking better by then.

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catfish make for a good afternoon ,fun for me and the kids .

we put one out as a livie ,kids get excited waiting for a shark to eat it .

i was going to sit between the 2 pontoons on the bend in the river ,but the girls reckon the saw a fin and splash over the other side ,so we sat on the opposite side ,sand bank /shallow water section .

there was more than just small catfish out there ,we had 4 good hits ,2 on the girls rods that they end up passing to me .

they where struggling on the light gear ,but we where having fun .but once i got on after 30 seconds ,the hooks pulled .

my blood knot/clinch knot the best , i should start using a improved / locked knot .but the standard knot is good for snags as it pulls and then u have to only re-hook as sinker and swivel are still there most of the time .

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