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Awoonga Spills Over

Brian D

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so back to the over flow


in the 10 mins or so I watched I saw about 50 barra go over....it's been overflowing for 2 days ....that's a lot of barra to play with in the local! The water is about 300mm over the wall lip. I don't know but I suppose it will over flow for another 3 days..thats a lot more barra.


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Eli - it's a bit of a distance to the wall but there are heaps of options between the wall and the launch area. I paddled as far as I could towards the wall before the spill but then got blocked by weeds and narrow water. Things will be different now so I should be able to get further. It's about a 6 hours round fishing trip from launch to wall but without fishing I imagine it's only about 2 hours but I'll never know cause I will always have a rod in the water.

I am trying to find out from the locals where will be best once things settle down but no-one has experienced this before, at this magnitude I mean. Pikes crossing is about a K from the wall and that is the first weir. I am hoping that the barra will go over that and head further down.

And yes I am getting very excited. Work should settle down next week, the water should settle down and I should get a good go. There are so many choices. I am supposed to be going off shore today but after doing something like 25 days straight my home duties are calling. I learnt a long time ago - fishing is more successful once everything else is in order. The barra can wait.


Here's the ramp - well the turning cycle at the top of the ramp

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