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The brisbane filled with PB's and Firsts


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Evenin all

Mick was kind enough to take me down to the brisbane river saturday night in the malmick v.

Things started off fairly slow as mick was the only one to catch a fish and that fish was a shovelnose. He had broken the donut. I stayed up a bit on my own stairing at two dead straight rods, eventually gave up with heavy eyes and we headed for calmer waters to sleep....

I stumbled out of the cabin to find mick up and setting up the rods, i was still clearing my eyes when mick pulled in an undersized squire. It was going nuts, The bait hit the water and there was bites galore. I was reeling in to check the bait when all of a sudden i got hit, the bait was fairly close to the boat by then so the fight was short. It was my first flathead! :woohoo: I was fairly happy with this, the happyness was increased when mick said "it's legal!"

the donut was broken! :lol:

out goes another pilly. while i was waiting for the next fish, mick had a raging fight. lasted years (20 seconds) mick pulled up a sol... yep.... mick had sol................. i will never forget that hideous fish. it still haunts me.

a few minutes later i got a massive hit, "thats better!" Mick called it for a squire before i could even see the shimmer of a fish on the surface and he was right. My PB squire, pitty it wasn't 2.5cmers bigger. Just under legal.

Still fishing the same spot it slowed a fair bit, with myself only catching a eel, until mick got absolutely slammed! the rod bent right over and whatever it was, didnt want to be caught. Mick asked "do you want it?" i quickly replied "no!" but he handed me the rod anyway :pinch: it was the best fight i'd ever had, "please dont be a stingray" i quickly said, the rod was constantly bent and the line kept peeling. With mick's coaching and help it finally surfaced.... It was a monster sting ray. A quick snip of the line and it was on its way.

We then moved to the docks. We didn't get to stay long as a big big boat wanted to be where we were. Overall at the docks i got 1 catfish and mick boated 1 catfish and a shovelnose.

In search of some-more flathead we hit up near where the big pipe was. Not alot happened here... for a long time. A couple big hits were missed until mick finally pulled in a nice dusky.

We stayed there for a bit longer before deciding to bail.

TO THE NEXT SPOT! mud island! the home of the sweetlip.

This place was awesome. The boat ride over was dead flat!

After the cast-out it wasnt long before I boated my first Cod! :woohoo: it got better as the cod then spat up a little crab. I was over the moon. Casted out again and sat the rod in the rod holder. All of a sudden my rod bent right over BOOM! I was loving every second of mud island. I recognized this fish straight away. It was my PB Grassy sweetlip, legal and everything :laugh:

"your eating well tonight" mick said before it was his turn. He got hit fairly quick after that, and pulled in a strange fish. I asked what it was when he replied in a cranky voice "it's a grinner" :angry:

it wasnt long till i was on again... this time it was heavy but wasnt fighting.. yup.... it was a mud island rock :pinch: measured up to 20cmers

Mick pulled in another grinner shortly after and then a slightly smaller mud island rock.

quickly checked the pots, pulled up some good crab... well mick did....... I watched in terror.

After this we headed to our final spot. spot Z. :P

Not alot happened here for some time, until mick hooked something big. The line did not stop peeling, whatever it was, was running. Unfortunately it bit the line off. It was a shark. This then happened again 15 mins later with the same result. Mick spotted the shark flappin about on the surface trying to dislodge the hooks.

And that was it, Ran into Malcolm on the way home, we said a quick hello and gave him crabs and were gone :whistle: Mick gave me a lesson in filleting and we were off to home. I slept most of the way, apparently I looked like "retarded roadkill" That would explain the sore neck. B)

Overall it was a GREAT trip. I loved every second of it. Thanks again Mick. can't wait for the next one.

Pictures V

















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