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Got my first yak :D


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Very nice mate, I like the idea of being able to either use it as a one man yak or a 2 person aswell, my girlfirends the same, she is scared of tipping so she would want me to get a 2 person yak.

I'm absolutly breaking my neck to get into kayak fishing, it looks like so much fun!

Where abouts did u get this one from? And how much if u don't mind me asking?

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Nice ride mate. It's great that you can fit a deckie onboard, I went for something a little bigger when I chose mine out also (should be picking it up in a couple of weeks), due to the fact that the kids are keen as to come out with me, but are a little bit scared of it tipping lol.

Good luck with it, and I look forward to seeing some awesome reports in the near future.



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