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bjelke petersen dam Bass bash and new pb


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So I really havent had the chance to throw a lure for a long time due to this awfull weather and it really has made our western systems dirty. But to todays tale, My dad and I set off 3 in the morning to bjelke petersen dam in search of clean water and some very hungry bass. We arrived at around 6:30 to find the place compleatly deserted so we unpacked the boat and launched.

I threw a jackal around for about and hour without any luck when another fisho passed us and told us that he had caught a few up the back in the sticks. Before we knew it we had the throtle flat out gunning it to the back of the dam. we got to the timber to find very windy conditions (I HATE THE WIND). looking on the sounder we found that there was ween pretty much right under us with about 3 foot of water obove it. I jumped on the electric motor and soon had us slowly working this weedy structure.

I had a small hit about three casts in so we decided to do another pass. this proved to be a good desicion with me getting 2 smaller bass within a few casts.



about 5 casts later i had a much bigger hit and I was onto something that had a little more power. It slowly came out of the dark weed and looked like a good fish. on closer inspection it is my PB going over 40cm. other than it being my pb this fish was really fat aswell and was coughing um little bugs and critters. A few quick photos and away he went.



After this i ended up getting another 2 smaller fish probly about 25-29 and then my dad ended up with one about the same, his first bass and his first fish caught at an impoundment

all in all a great trip and I would also tell you all that if you havent tryed bjelke petersen dam I would get there and give it a good crack. The dam itself is really underused and the entire time i was there we only saw one other person.

thanls for reading

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