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are thes lures any good for:


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Hi all, i am going away next week, and some guys on here said to get a few packets of squiges and power baits, but i only have money for two of three packets of them, so please can someone tell me if any of the following lures:

Berkley Gulp 7"18cm Jerk Shad - BBQ CHICKEN X3 PACKS

Berkley Gulp 2"5cm Shrimp - NUCLEAR CHICKEN X1 PACKS (GLOWS)

Berkley Gulp 5"13cm Jerk Shad - SATAY CHICKEN X2 PACKS

Berkley Gulp 5"13cm Jerk Shad - GLOW X2 PACKS

Berkley Gulp 6"15cm Sandworm - CAMO X1 PACKS

Berkley Gulp 3"8cm Pogy - SARDINE X3 PACKS

Berkley Gulp 3"8cm Shaky Shad - RAINBOW X1 PACK

Berkley Gulp 3" Minnow - RAINBOW X3 PACKS

Berkley Gulp 4"10cm Minnow - SMELT X9 PACKS

are any good for:




Small GT around the 5kg to 10kg mark,

Golden Trevs, around the 5kg to 10kg mark

Jew ( full moon on one of the days),


and Turrum

and if any of the lures are good for the fish what size jigheads should i use for them

Cheers Corey

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Hey corey mate also give the snap backs ago as they are more durable then gulps and don't go stiff like gulps if you leave them on the jig head and not as costly as gulps. Also if you are chasing the bigger boys tuna'mac's,trev's and the like look at going for the xos jig heads they come with a heaver gage hook which let you get into the fish with out having the fear of the hook straighting. good luck.

cheers dassa

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