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18th Dec: Early Morning Yeronga Session...


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Well decided it was to nice not to wet a line this morning.

As always Ryan was keen regardless of the hour so we headed down at about 5am.

Long story short, a lot of casts for one flathead. Still pretty cool for the middle reaches but it was a lot of effort for not much.

Besides the obvious plethora of debri one other factor I have noticed that could be the cause of this area slowing down a lot is the total lack of bait. Usually there is an abundance of small mullet and jelly prawns.

Anyway, better than sitting at home twiddling the thumbs.


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good effort guys and i have heard they are getting some good flatheadand whitting at the mouth of tingalpa ck landbased off the yabbie bank near lota

I have been down that way quite a bit Mark, for a big donut every time lol!!! I have seen some good lizards taken out of there, just not by me ha ha ha!!!!

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That flattie, at 47cm, is my meagre PB at this stage lol!!! It was good to get out Gus, even if the fishing wasn't spectacular, looking forward to the next job......Bass on the surface YEOW!!!



nice lizard ryan. i'll be bassing tonight if your keen and have no plans.

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