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When a plan comes together


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Hey Guys,

Picked up the new girl 10 days ago and with exceptional weather for once I decided to take her out in the bay. With the goldy ABT super series in late January what better place have some 1 on 1 bonding time then peel.


Made my way over to peel and was greeted with herendeous conditions :ohmy: :ohmy:

Barely a ripple on the water except for the wake of my bassday sugapen.


10 mins in and 1st cab was off the rank. A flute fish? was surprised he actually tried to eat the chubby I was using.



Soon after I was onto a few bream and was slowly puting my bag together. They were finnicky and didn't wana touch anything so 2lb Straight through was brought out and bites were achieved.


Threw a few more topwater lures around for 8 longtom which were great fun and some more bream



Then I was onto a real purple patch picking up fish on each cast for around 20mins. All on 2lb and mostly flatties, rat bream and tarwhine.



Tide was low by this time so I headed into sovereign island to try get some fish in the canals. Managed 1 trev on topwater and a bream off a boat then it all went quiet so I called it quits.


I was stoked with how the day went and ended up with a pretty decent bag of bream.



All fish released to be caught again in the comp. Bring on the super series :P

Cheers Guys

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Makes my tinny look like a toy.... :D

Beaut boat Dell. Nice session too. I find it awesome that you can go from Peel down to Sovereign at a whim... Love seeing those skeeters at WOT.

Cheers Henry

If you're not catching fish atleast you can have some fun driving them :-). You fishing goldie?

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