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Independent Review of Marine Park Science in NSW


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Fishing Inquiry recommends halt to marine parks

10 Dec 2010

The Select Committee on Recreational Fishing in NSW today tabled its final report, which has called for a halt on the introduction of more marine parks.

Chairman of the Select Committee, Robert Brown MLC said, "In recent times the implementation of Marine Parks in New South Wales has caused concern among recreational fishers. This was made abundantly clear during the Inquiry, with a number of participants debating the need for these areas."

"The Committee considered the report of the Independent Review of Marine Park Science in NSW, which called for a review and change in emphasis of the strategic framework and research plan guiding the development and management of marine parks. The report recommends that sufficient funding be provided to ensure that all the recommendations made by the Independent Review are effectively implemented."

"Importantly, the report recommends that the NSW Government not create any new marine parks until the next five-year marine park research plan is completed."

"The Committee examined the effectiveness and efficiency of the current representational system of trusts and advisory committees that advise government departments, and found there was a need for a review of the current structure. There was a strong call from some inquiry participants for the establishment of a new independent representative body able to advocate on behalf of the recreational fishing sector, which is examined in the report."

"There was also discussion during the Inquiry about fishery programs, as well as the regulation and management of recreational fishing, including the need for more compliance officers and concerns about loss of access to traditional fishing locations."

To download a copy the report click HERE or visit the website at: www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/fishinginquiry.

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