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shultz canal shark. tomorow (tuesday)


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heading down for a shark tomorow as the wind is respectible. i know snapsnap wanted to come for a look. i was wondering if there were any others who were keen to giv it a crack? ill be at the bikeway entrance at the nudgee golf course end between 4:15Am and 4:30Am if you cant make it at this time just follow the bike path towards the gateway motorway bridge. we will be about a half a k before the bridge. my number is 0432 397 459


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Unfortunately my car is in the workshop and has been since last Friday what's more unfortunate is that my gear is in there as well otherwise I'd be tempted to take the day off work and join you.

I've been trying for Bullies last couple of trips - Bribie Passage, Upper Pine and Kooka with no luck.

Out of interest, how do you rig your line? I've tried a couple of different methods.

- Braid to ring, mono to a heavy sinker, then wire trace with snap lock onto the ring

- Also tried braid to ring then mono onto heavy sinker and chuck the sinker out as far as possible then clip the trace onto the line and let it make its way down to the ring where it stops (idea being easier to get a larger bait out when your landbased).

General intention is that I want the sinker to hold the position and then the bait will trail out with the current a few feet off the bottom.


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