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Government Plan To Ban Pro Netters


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Yesterdays Sunday Mail page 18.

The Government is looking at a plan to ban commercial netters taking popular species from yellow conservation zones.

The Government says the netters are exploiting a loop hole in the current rules to catch bream,whiting and flathead in yellow zones.

The use of nets in the yellow zones is meant to be limited to bait species.

This again throws up the question of, if a rec fisho is castnetting for bait and you net a legal sized fish,can you keep it,or must you release it.

Is this still a gray area

Obviously if this loop hole is closed to com/netters,then it would also be the same for rec fisho`s castnetting for bait in yellow zones.No arguement there.

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In my opinion (and this may not be popular) castnets should only be able to be used to catch bait species. Good luck proving that you caught it in the net, but still, i've seen posts where people have caught whole schools of bream in one cast.

may be they were gathering bait for sharking :whistle:

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