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Field Test Berkley Dropshot IM6 GENIII

Two Kay Gee

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Model Tested:G3DS702-13

Line Weight:1-3kg



Reel:Line Weight:2kg

Reel:Shakespeare Deceiver DCV1025

Visual impression of the as tested rod was pleasing.

Solid color and design,allthough could do without the "X-Factor Vin Diesel" tattoo above the grip,but all gripes aside,a very attractive blank.

Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji IPS reel seat is a plus,and i found the guides well spaced,and yes,the seat matched the 1st runner ( Pflueger take notice )

IM6 Graphite was strong,great for SP's,and whippy enough for long casts,and manipulating poppers,perfectly.Impressive.

This rod can cast,using a 6g Popper,i was definatley throwing them further than the Pfluger Trion....

High Density Grip System was easily up tp the task,but i feel that a corp grip would better suit the blank,as "feel" was much less than my Pfluger Trion 1-3kg.Not by much.Very Comfortable to use.

As far as the HDG goes,time will tell as how it will age.

For a 2 piece rod,i did not find it as "rigid" as others,and was quite surprised as how "integrally balanced" the outfit felt.

Using a 10 ss316bb Shakespeare Deceiver DCV1025 1000 size reel,the outfit was very comfortable to use.

Catching numerous species over the weekend,the rod felt more "powerful" than the Trion,and was able to definately give more stick,a testament to the blank.

On one fish,a solid 32 something cm @ the fork Bream,the rod's fighting action was definately on the money,a perfect linear curve,and took the fishes weight easily,and gave back more than it recieved.

All up,a great rod for the $$,strong,usuable,quality components and always Field Ready,could easily double its application;from a Finesse Bream Rod,to chasing down Big Flatties and throwing little slugs for Tailor,Trevally and Queenfish.

This rod has potential....

Wait a few more months,and these will be had for a song....the perfect back-up rod.

Now i have owned this rod for some time and i can honestly say that its a great rod.

The IM6 rated Graphite gives a great balance between weight an feel and most importantly,rigid strength.

I have really given this rod a beating and where i feel IM7 and IM8 rods would have snapped,this rod has kept on going....

Obviously its not as light or sensative as IM7/8,i feel this is a great back-up rod or a quality built above entry level item.

Tight Lines !


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Thanks bud.

The GENIII represents good value and quality.

The IM6 blank is perfect.Could'nt ask for anything more.

I was throwing Soft Plastics with it a few weeks ago and landed a 60cm PLUS Flathead with it,on 2kg line.

It handled it with realtive ease.

They cast well also and have heaps of power for a 1-3kg rod.

They look good also....

Thanks for the reply,if u happen to buy a GENIII let me know what you think.

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