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Field Test Shimano Coriolis 100GA Baitcaster

Two Kay Gee

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Price New 2008:$125

Rod:Tweed Tackle Shop Custom Blank.Japanese Manufactured.

Wow,what can i say,when everyone has seemed to jump on the Spinning Reel Merry-Go-Round,its always nice to have a quality baitcaster in the arsenal.

Lightweight Graphite Frame,4 Ball Bearings,Rubber Grips,Nice.

I feel that the greatest thing about this reel would definately be the drag.Precise.This sucker is Smoooooth.

6.2:1 ratio comes in handy when using hard-bodys.Makes up for the small size spool.

Attractive solid 'machined' handle which is a nice touch.

Have caught some nice fish on this reel,photgraphed on the "Chopping Board Of Death",so can honestly say that this is a quality product at a great price.

Casting is a breeze with the 'Shimano Variable Brake System',which is a simple counterweight system,usually reserved for the bigger $$$ reels.

The spool disengagement system is a bit clunky i thought,so a quick dab of magic oil made quite a difference.Easy fix.

Weighs in at 240 grams which isnt to bad either.

Nice anti-runback system.Smooth.

Another plus is thats it extremely easy to pull apart,there and then,if required,with a 1/4 turn spool access system.Valuable.

Absolutely impossible to thread the line through the front in the dark,making it obsolete for night fishing if you run into trouble.Help.

And as all baitcaster users know,this is inevitable after 3/4 of the line makes its way skyward

.Would be nice to see an easier access for the front of the reel.

But then again,it would make the reels low profile design defunct.

If you are casting less than 6 grams,forget it.This DESIGN not the REEL makes its impossible.

I suppose thats why everyone uses a Spinning Reel....i know that the advantages of the old "egg-beater" has made the baitcaster a rare site.Shame.

A great thing that Shimano has designed is the over-sized Star Drag.Easy to use when you really need it.

Another fantastic feature is the 10 year warranty.I feel this shows Shimano's commitment to there product,and from what i have heard,its worth its weight in gold.Keep the receipt handy !

Comes in the standard Shimano Box,with complete breakdown,so easy to service and clean yourself.

A great reel,very smooth,very reliable,good design and style.

One point that really is a nice touch on this model,is the spool adjustment.This is precision all the way.

Another above 'Entry Level' Baitcaster,that will provide great satisfaction for years to come.

Has most certainly stood the test of time....but like all baitcasters,baby them and they will perform for decades.

Tight lines !


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