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Field Test Shimano Catana 702 2-4kg

Two Kay Gee

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Model:Shimano Catana 702

Line Weight:2-4kg

Material:Graphitey Fibreglassy Stuff !

Reel:Jarvis Walker 5 Ball Bearing Gold Soverign Series

This was my very 1st Soft Plastics Rod.I have owned it for over 4 years,and absolutely adore it.

At a time when there were big $$$ SP style rods around,this one seems to have a place in the chain of fine tackle for little $$$.

Fuji everything.Good start.

Great quality cork which has taken an absolute beating and yet still remains as good as the day i bought it.Quality.

The short butt may be a disadvantage,as it has ZERO pulling power,but that just makes the rod an absolute delight to use,as even small fish seem to put on quite a show.....fun !!

I notied that about 12-18 months ago,they changed the design,to a longer butt,and a physically heavier taper.Yuk.

Upon inspection of these 'Gen2' models,i was disappointed as they failed to capture the essence,presence and style of the 1st Gen models...disapointed.

I have numerous photos of fish caught on this rod,photographed on the "Chopping Board Of Death",some are really solid fish,which i feel is testament of the design.

Those who own the 1st Gen models will surely agree how robust and sturdy these rods are.

Very thin taper with a stiff tip seems to be a good recipe,and throw in some Fuji Runners and Seat and you most certainly have an excellent Soft Plastics rod.This rod is as stiff as a Porn Star on Viagra.

Close inspection of the blank reveals a classy wrap under the dark blue exterior.Nice.

Weight is one of the lightest around,throwing this old girl around all day is no problem,almost a pleasure....

I know that there are may of Tackle Users out there who have physically better rods,equipped with better materials,but i can guarantee those who dont own ones of these are most certainly missing out....

2000 sized reel on these rods feels out of place,i would most certainly recommend a 1000-1500 size reel.

Extremely well balanced.My 'ebay special' 1000 sizeTokushima has now taken up residence on its seat,and i am postive the rod has many more years of solid reliable fishing ahead of it.

I just absolutley adore this rod,its just such a basic recipe:Blank,Runners,Seat.

I know that these are now had for $65,the new models,with Split Butt,but i have noticed that they have gone back to the old blank taper....great...because it works.

G Loomis lovers read and weap.....

Tight lines !



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