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Field Test Pflueger Trion 1-3kg 1 piece

Two Kay Gee

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Line Class:1-3kg

Cast Weight:Handles anything up to 8grams

Product ID:PFLT-SP701ULT

Price As Tested:$80 BCF (Be quick)


Line weight tested:1kg

Reel used:Tokushima ss1000 11 Ball Bearing

HM45 Graphite.Nice weight.This sucker is LIGHT.

Well above average cork quality.Feels great in the hand.Nice.

Fuji seat and Alconite guides.The normal.

Good amount of runners.Suitably spaced.Seems to be a little excessive these days....

Binding looks cheap,not straight finish when bound.Gappy.

Extremely light,perhaps the lightest i have ever used.IM7 and IM8 territory.

Attractive Split Butt design.Aluminium (?) caps on ends of cork.Nice touch.Classy.

First impression was tip was a bit 'soft'.Ok for HB,but for SP,i would have prefered something a bit stiffer.However was equally up to the task.Whippy would be going to far,but not by much.

Fantastic using bait.Lots of feel.I only use small sinkers,so casting distance is always an issue,but with this rod,i can throw little weights further than i am used to.Especially my 6g Surface Poppers.

This rod is ultra sensative.BUT.Read on....

When i used HB's and SP's i have found that this rod is absolutely perfect for this application.

Seems to pull in the weighter fish with relative ease.I found that with the butt length,i can really stick it to the bigger species.Looks great.Classy.

Overall unreal value @ $80.Trying making it for that !!

Blank construction looks nice in sunlight,with the internal wraps showing...'spankin' !

Out of the 5 that i looked at,only 2 had the reel seat and runners lining up.This is an absolute disgrace by Pflueger,which should have been correctly lined up without customers checking,and should have been found before hitting the shelves,if there was a quality control in place.Be warned.....

A recent visit to my Fathers place @ Fingal Head,i thought i would throw a 10g slug,as i had done many times before with this rod.....

To my dismay,and only 10 seconds after telling everyone how great the rod 'was'...it snapped.Very public !

Upon inspection the blank is WAFER thin,very surprised...HM45 Graphite,no thanks.

I took it back to Charltons and they very happily swapped it for the Berkley GENIII,which is the best decision i have made for some time,concerning tackle.

Thanks Charltons.Greatly appreciated.

Overall 8/10.

Looses points for seat alignment issue and cheap looking binding.And ofcourse "Automatic 2 Piece Option".....!!

Good Points Are:

*Value for money

*Light as a feather

*Good cork

*Fuji gear with heaps of guides

*5 year 'Very Conditional' Warranty

*Great at all different styles of fishing

*Great looking blank

Dont get me wrong,this is a fantastic 'Entry Level' rod,and i am sure that there is hundreds of others out there who swear by them.Great.Its such a shame about the Seat Alignment Issue and the fact it snapped....

I dont think i would buy another,after seeing how thin it actually is.

It is fantastically light and responsive.And this is why i gave it 8/10.

Tight lines !


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Hi TwoKayGee, As one who has a very good fish-catching Trion 1-3 kg , I support most of your comments but hasten to remind you the cig. paper thin walls on graphite rods has been the norm since Fenwick designed the HMG series over 20 years ago . Some of their designers went over to Sage a few years later and developed some of the best rods in the world. Dykio produced some magnificent blanks in Japan in those days . Sooner or later the angler will tap a twig and next cast or two the rod will pop . I might add that I have a 2kg Fenwick ultralight 5feet 6 biat-caster which I use with blades around lilly pads from my boat and it is circa 1985 . I'm circa 1933 . Tight lines and keep up the reviews . Try some old gear for comparisons . :whistle: Ian M:cheer:

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Thank Ian.

I really did love using the Trion,it had all the boxes ticked that u wanted in a rod.

The weight and feel of this particular rod was quite good considering the $$.

The problem really was an overall quality issue with the guide alignment and ofcourse the fact it snapped like a twig.

I have spoken to many people who have had a Trion for years....and no problem.

I suppose at the end of the end of the day i just want people to read the Field Test before purchasing so they can make an informed decision on what they are purchasing.

I do have a few old Ugly Sticks carried over from my years of fishing,great rods,but basically as you are aware,people want High Tech Graphite,IPS,Alconite,SIC,EPA,HDG....damn ! I didnt realise that todays fish is so sophisticated !

In the 80's i was a BIG Jarvis Walker fan,and have a few of there best rods,but they are collecting dust these days.

I also recently approached Fenwick to become a Distributor of there many fine products.....its a great rod and a great name....but we really dont get a 1/4 of what they make out here....i am still awaiting a reply but i wont hold my breath.

Thanks for the reply.

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