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Field Test Tokushima 1000 11 Ball Bearing Reel

Two Kay Gee

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Country Of Origin:China

Price As Tested $28.00 Delivered ( www.ebay.com.au )

Weight:186.9 Grams


Material:Alum Ported Spool,Graphite Frame,SS316 Bearings,SS316 Bail and Roller,Alum Handle,Fine Increment Front Mounted Drag,SS316 Main ShaftDrag System: 3 disc,Ball Bearing,Fibre Washer,Machined Washers

Finish:Chrome Finish with Gold Inserts

Dealer Description ( Now $60.00 )

NEW TOKUSHIMA SA1000 SOFT PLASTICS SPINNING Fishing Reel 5.2:1 Fast Ratio 11 Japanese Stainless Steel Ball Bearings High Intense, Corrosion Resistant Graphite Body Aluminium Spool Triangle Shaped High Rigid Rotor SDS "Super Drag System" Intensive Drag Power Precision, Efficient Drive System Super Strong Aluminium Handle with Custom Wooden Knob Super Strong Anti-Backlash System Infinite Anti-Reverse Easy Access Side Cover Removal Supreme Smooth Line Lay and Rotor Balanced System Ergonomic Body Design Reinforced Main Shaft High Quality Japanese One Way Ball Bearing Multi Ball Bearings Construction Design for Smoother Casting Suitable for Soft Plastics/Threadline/Spinning rods Attractive Pearl Colour Body / Silver & Gold Colour Spool Elite Quality! Custom Fit and Finish!

Upon first impression product is very light.Nice.

Exceptional drag,passed the drag-line-pull test very easily,very smooth,looks good,smooth action,easy bail flip and activation,ported alum.spool,nice handle,rubber grip.

Bad points is that this reel needs to be shown the love.Harsh environments like i encountered a few weekends ago do not agree with this reel.

Upon pulling this product apart,sand was a major factor in its fall from grace.

When i 1st purchased it,and used it,i was absolutely stoked.It performed so well.

But add Salt and Sand,Bearing Failure imminent.

Absolutely no sealing arrangement from the Drive Shaft to the Gearbox.There is a SS316 washer that seems to be a Spacer of some sort,to maybe put some Pre-Load on the Internals...also acts as Seal,but poor fit makes it pointless.

Hex cut gearing looked good,but showed serious signs of wear,with pitting on the Drive Gear (sand )and excessive chipping on the edge of the Driven Gear.

Bearings were of poor quality.Excessive play.SS316 Inner and Outer Race with Chrome Steel Balls.Pointless.

Where my hand and fingers rub on the side of the Bail Arm Cover,and other points,the finish is already wearing away...But all in all,after i cleaned it up,it does the job great.

What the ?

Just dont drop it in the water and sand like i did !

I would have to rate this one as a 6.5/10 overall.

Looses big points for inferior internal design.Anti Run-Back Bearing made of flimsy plastic cage,and ss316 Needle Point Rollers,not even a Interferance Fit,putting them back into the cage was very time consuming.

Seems to work on a Nylon Geared Washers,opposed,to assist in the Anti Run-Back.Very ordinary....I have delegated this reel as my Live Bait Set Up,throwing it on my "one of the 1st" to hit the country Shimano Catana,if you have one,you know what i mean...beautifully balanced combo.

Goes great,and would be FANTASTIC as a Freshwater Reel...But you really work reels hard throwing Plastics and HB's,and this reel will do that,but only to a certain point....

Wouldnt pay anymore than $30 for this reel.

Caveat Empor !


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