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NPD 21/12/10


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Went to the dam this morning as daughter saqid that she wants redclaw for xmas.

They were pretty thick with only 2 pots to fill a bucket after a 2 hour soak.



Total catch for the day after only 3 pulls of the pots.


No fish just a couple of gar to avoid the donut.

I played around with my new $2 mini vidio camera and found the best location is clipped to my sunglasses.

Unfortunatly i cant email or download to the forum or photobucket as the clip is 15 minutes long. Its a av1 file is there anyway I can download it/ The picture quality is quite good on par with the vidio from myolympus.

Back to the dam again tomorrow with Brian and Graham.

Should do a bit better as I left my pots baited up and will have extra.



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hi ray

nice looking haul mate

red claw for starters and smoke everything for main meal

food fit for a king

scored jams mac a yak for xmas and waiting for santa to come to see what i get

fingers crossed its a yak

purchased two opra house nets for xmas

fingers crossed we will see you on the dam

by the way

what does it cost for a fresh water licence

and does james mac need one

he is only 15



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