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NPD 18/12/10


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I had the pleasure of being invited by Feral to have myself and my two kids join him and his daughter down at NPD trolling for Bass as well as chasing gar to keep the kids happy and collecting redclaw. The bass didn't really want to play the game although both Feral and myself did get good hits but we are still to determine whether the hits were from the bass that went back into the timber or whether it was just the timber and was wishful thinking on our behalf.

We checked the shrimp pots first for some bait and managed to get a good enough amount to keep us occupied.

We then travelled to check our pots we discovered they were empty so the share farmers seemed to be at work again. We left just after lunch having had Feral catch five gar, my daughter Ryleigh catch 4 gar and my son Lachlan catch 2 gar. You will see in the photos attached they were impressed with their efforts.Pretty good too because my daughter almost needed some disciplinary intervention just to go onto the boat in the first place. We also managed to catch about 260 redclaw which Feral kindly gave to me.It went down a treat at my mates birthday party that night.Mind you I couldn't stomach what they do in sucking the insides of the heads dry :sick:

Thanks Feral for a great morning. fun had by all.

post-3805-144598560474_thumb.jpg (nice calm day on the pond)

post-3805-144598560487_thumb.jpg (junior skipper for some of the day)

post-3805-144598560495_thumb.jpg ( there was a redclaw fascination until they made a two pronged counter attack)

post-3805-144598560498_thumb.jpg (my sons first fish for the day)

post-3805-144598560501_thumb.jpg (daughter not to be outdone got her first)

post-3805-144598560504_thumb.jpg ( she liked catching the fish but as you can see felt a little unsure of the texture of the fish)

post-3805-144598560507_thumb.jpg ( second fish and she's having a ball)

post-3805-144598560511_thumb.jpg (sons second fish, clearly stoked)

[attachment:10]C:\fakepath\PC180021 AFO.jpg[/attachment]

( daughters final fish.See the concentration and also the birdsnest on the reel.She still landed the fish. Good shot taken by Feral with the fish just coming out of the water)

[attachment:12]C:\fakepath\PC180028 AFO.jpg[/attachment] (the haul of redclaw)



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