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NPD 22/12/10.


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Back again today for another marathon pulling pots and sorting catch.

Had abit of entertainment with Graham and Brian along for the ride.

Plenty of redclaw. I think we ended up with around 40 litres of tails.

As normal bass non existant so we all had to catch gar to avoid the dreaded donut.Brian and myself had over a dozen each before Graham got on the board and we were able to leave.





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Ripper day out. We were kept very busy and watching the process Ray has for bringing these redclaw in was enlightening.

I was asleep by 3.30 yesterday arvo :blush: from having worked the smile muscles hard :laugh:

Cheers for the decky spot and the introduction to Mr Kettle. :)

Cheers from the rest of the family too....they will eat well this Christmas B)

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