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LB Medium Calibre Popping setup

Mr FeLiX

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Evening all,

After purchasing myself a Loomis/HRF Combo for chrissie.... Thanks Santa :evil: :whistle: , I've decided to purchase a medium calibre spin setup in the new year for some surface work and deep water plasticing. It will see use in places like the seaway, and harvey bay etc when I trek up north next year.

I've got all the time in the world to put the cash away for this one, as I'm not in a rush and quite frankly, chrissie has turned my wallet into mothra central so therefore I thought I'd post up yet another "Whadda ya think'll do the job" thread.

My thoughts are the rod needs a fair bit of length for casting poppers and plastics a decent rate from the shore, has to have plenty of grunt throuought the blank and has to be relatively light to ensure my arms don't fall off halfway through a session.

As for the reel, i'm thinking a 3000-4000 sized (Daiwa/shimano sizing here) spinner with a decent whack of drag, good capacity and a decent retrieve ratio if I start belting slugs etc.

I'm totally open to all ideas, and if anyone has a setup they use for similar gigs, feel free to let me know or point me in the right direction.

Any advice would be awesome, and as I said I have oodles of time on this one to put a bit of cash away.

Feel free to go nuts on this one all.

Thanks in advance


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iv got a diawa sol 2500 and has immense pulling power and i wouldnt go past em a 3000 or 4000 would be the way to go

Only issue I have with the Sol would be the rumours I have heard regarding roller bearings seazing? Obviously routine maintenance should circumvent this, but still. As I said though, this is a rumour, i've never seen it in reality. The Sol was however one of my choices, either that or a sustain/twin power

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If you're willing to save some coin up a Daiwa Saltiga Dorado Rod which is eight foot and 10kg will handle all your landed based popping needs and will throw slugs a mile also good for plastics as light as half ounce. As for the reel any Daiwa 4000 will match nicely with that rod and good one to look out for would be the Daiwa Certate 3500 HD as they pop up for a good price sometimes.



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Depending on how much your looking to spend there are afew cheap good quality fast taper 8-9ft spin rods out there that have heaps of grunt but are light as hell. I've got a 3-6kg 8ft Rovex that I have deadlifted 75cm Jew, Tarpon and 50cm+ GT's up on all sorts of rock platforms with. Can throw a 40g slug approx 60-70m with it on the right day. Matched up with a stradic you'd definately have the speed & quality necessary to catch sick fish.

Totally depends on the fish your expecting to catch though.. Decent GT or a Kingy or something and you'd be no chance LB.

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