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Tuesday @ north reef.


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Well with my endeavouring move to ipswich coming up thought I'd take advantage of been close to redcliffe while I can. Idea was to bounce plastics and vibes off the bottom while observing for pelagics on the surface pretty new to the whole concept so was just playing it by ear. So first cast was at the base of the big channel marker off north reef not really paying any attention second lift of the vibe and I'm on, you little ripper, and to my absolute surprise a 60cm grunter is boated. after this moved onto the reef with the lighter gear, over the next couple of hours the bait schools moved through. Followd closely by choppers only ever on the surface for about a minute so by the time got to them only ever got one crack. Ended up with 3 hook ups the one landed, a little fella that got off early, then lastly what I est at 50cm for sure was a great fight on bream gear but impatients on my behalf as the school was still boiling on the surface so silly me tried to leader lift him in oreder to get back into it quickly, no good off he went. Hung around for a bit hoping they'd come up again but the wind came first so headed round to D bay flats to troll for flatties no luck there but did enjoy just cruising around no wind or rain which at the moment we all know is a nice change.

Any tips for a young player on this area real keen to find these spotties, doggies pelagics in general really am I in the general area or do ya need to be further out, not real keen to venture to far in the 4.2 explorer. So any general distances or direction from north reef would be much appreciatted.

Wishing you all a very happy xmas and new year.


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