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The Passion of the Crab.


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It was Christmas eve eve eve and 2 and a half men had a dream. They dreamed of serving freshly caught mud crabs to their families on Christmas lunch.

Armed with only the smell of an oily 2 stroke rag, 8 crab pots, 3 kilos of chicken frames and passion, they wandered into the wilderness called the Pine River.

36 hours later they emerged, one had spilled blood, another had sacrificed a crab pot to the debris gods and the other just sat there eating chips yelling out when another log approached but he did a good job.

Was it worth it? Well, each pot yielded 6 crabs per lift, most oversized jennies or undersized bucks with the net result being this -


With another 24 hours left of our journey, we hope the seas part and the burning bush appears otherwise I hope someone can turn water into wine because I ain't sharing my crab.

I threw this one in because people enjoy seeing pain plus the missus doesn't appreciate it whenver I show her my booboo.


Happy Christmas everyone and keep away from those nipper.... they damn well hurt!!!


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Pulled my pots earlier in the week,same result as you,but minus the keeper :laugh: I can relate to the finger,fast little buggers if your not 100% concentrating :pinch:

With more substantial rain expected,I`ll wait untill in the New Year and see how it`s going,then I`ll start dropping pots in the deep holes if the creeks have settled a bit.

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