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Reblooding the Yak at Raby Bay


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Started early at work this morning for an early finish, so got home packed the yak and headed to Raby Bay via Fishhead to see what new lures were in stock. It's Jack season so Duncan suggested the new Megabass Spindrive 58 being Megabass means it's expensive but they work so I dont mind the price. Paddled around for a while getting a couple of Bream on poppers on the edge of a few pontoons and then thought I would try and troll past a rock walls in hope of a Jack.

No Jacks but instead ended up with a nice Squire going 50cm which is not bad going for Raby Bay and only my second trip there in the yak. Now I just need the rain thats coming over the xmas break to give me enough of a break to get back out again.


50cm Raby Bay Squire


New Megabass Spindrive 58 lure



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