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underfloor fuel tank vent - part question


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Hi all,

Any one know where I can find something similar to this ?



Recently purchased a 2nd hand Savage 450 Safari SF and the existing fuel vent has perished and is currently pretty much stuffed. The crazy part is that is mounted on the rear of the boat, concerned that it may be easy for water to enter etc.

here is what is left on the boat.


fully open (except for wire mesh inside)

searched bias, whitworts etc.

prefer southside brisbane

any thoughts ?

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pretty poor positioning as you said may be easy for water to get in the tank,

you can put a few loops in the vent line to trap water but thats kinda a bandaid for poor design. could you run a vent line elsewhere? when my boat had an underfloor tank the line ran up the side to the gunnel and sat under there in about the middle of the boat

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