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my abu cardinal 102 has died and i need a new reel for flicking small lures and throwing baits for bream, whiting and flathead not looking to go too expensive around the 60 dollar mark any brand bar abu thanks . btw will be paired up with a shimano catana 702 rod will of course give it a feel on the rod but any reccomendations are welcome

cheers ross

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Hi Ross, mate the sienna 2500 is a beaut reel! here was my first purchase


I bought tha catana 702 rod and sienna 2500 combo a few months back and love it! You would have seen my catches with Ray at npd.... handles fish upto 3kg no sweat.

originally bought the combo for $113 (when it was first released), and a second sienna 2500 reel for $55.00.

have since bought the exact same catana combo that jonnyaclude was selling 2 weeks back for $65, perfect condition!

I also have a shimano twin power 2500 and cant really tell any difference.

the sienna is an awesome reel for the price.

cheers ty

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