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Warning for bass river fishos this xmas


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Copied and pasted this message from Seqwater from another forum.

We do not post notices on our website advising when a release is going to occur, however, our website does include regularly updated levels for all of our storages. Releases depend on factors such as the weather and levels of water in-flow into the storage. If a water storage is at or near 100% capacity and there is wet weather in the catchment, in-flows to the storage may necessitate water releases without a great deal of advance warning. It is the responsibility of recreation users to carry out risk assessments before and during recreation activities, which could include checking the storage levels and weather conditions and forecasts.

At some of our sites, such as Wivenhoe and North Pine, water releases are controlled through the use of valves or gates on the dam wall. Generally, water releases through gates or valves are staged to minimise downstream impacts, however it is important for recreation users to assess these risks before commencing the activity.

Good luck with the bass fishing. If you have any further queries, please contact us.


Dom Courtney

Recreation Coordinator

Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority trading as Seqwater

Full thread here including tips on how to check river conditions http://www.kfdu.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13885&p=107276&hilit=gates#p107276

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great info tbox, thanks for sharing. :cheer:

strange they say that even though there is a section on their website titled "Gated Dam Operations"!!! :ohmy:

basically they are saying they reserve the right to open the walls / release the valves at any given time without notice. :evil:

The forecast ...Southeast for Friday Scattered showers increasing to rain areas during the afternoon and evening. Moderate to possibly heavy falls developing and predicted to be the same till Tuesday.

Rainfall predictions for Friday till Tuesday daily being.. Gatton Esk areas 10-20, Ipswich/Brisbane areas 20 - 40 mm daily.

EDIT: Local media is saying Bureau of Meteorology is now saying that the Ipswich region could expect as much as 200mm in this time.

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bootyinblue can anyone recieve that information

it would be handy for all of us fishos to be on the seq water email list

It really doesnt say too much other than what the levels are, what areas are open and closed etc. I dont think anyone is brave enough to pre empt what release if any will happen ahead of time due to amount of rain around.

Below is an email received for 24th December

Good Morning,

Releases have continued overnight, and currently Somerset is just above FSL, and Wivenhoe 300mm above FSL.

Somerset and Wivenhoe are still open to water based recreational activities.

The only sites still closed at Wivenhoe are –

· River access at Atkinson’s Crossing

· Billies Bay

Please note that there is significant heavy rain forecast state-wide over the next week, which may well impact upon recreational activities over the Christmas break.

Seqwater will be attempting to have Dams accessible for recreation over this period, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Given that this is a natural event, flood mitigation and public safety are the highest priorities.

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