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Kettles Chrisy present.


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Went to Npd this morning with Eug and kiara and Eug and Tina kindly brought kettle a christmas present


Had a bit of fun catching a feed of gar. It didnt take the boys long to get into the hang of it with Eug getting back to basics using a hand line..



Nice fresh gar for dinner tonight.


Had to put our coats on for the trip home


Redclaw were down a bit in numbers and had to miss pulling a couple of pots as it was quite windy and choppy at one stage.

Thanks for the company and skilled deckying.



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Thanks again for showing me the ropes of freshwater fishing this year Ray. It's something I never really considered doing until going to NPD. Tried plenty of redclaw recipes this year and it's just a small token of our appreciation! Likewise I agree with Angus and hope more come your way.

Still plenty of claw despite missing some pots and a despite the conditions - a 'bad' day (weatherwise) on NPD is a good day out on the bay!

Once again a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Eug & Tina


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