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Baxters shark sesh


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Me and my mate hit up baxters for a quick sesh and to my surprise the baits were only soaking for 10 mins before the first bully was caught.

We ended up getting 3 each and my mate was cheerin as this was his first caught shark.

They were all caught on either live catties or mullet.

Here's some photos.







More photos soon.

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F@RK thats a big sinker. nice work thats the first time iv heard of bullys bing caught from there.


Yeah good ole' snapper leads, current get pretty strong through there somtimes.

I always knew bully's went through there I just never gave it a good go, turns out its pretty good there.

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Thats a lot of sharks!

Mum must have still been around as they look fresh out of the tummy!


Yes indeed.

These are deffs the smallest ones we have seen lately.

Didnt mean that to sound rude either :P

I have heard of ones that size caught at Kooka that still have the umbilicle cord hanging off them!


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i grew up there and have fished off that jetty many times as a kid. , i have seen many large tiger sharks caught off baxters and the pier. (aswell as hammerheads)

some guy even managed to land a marlin from baxters jetty. (there's a pic in the shop across the road)

but anyway, nice work fellas.

always good to read reports from my home town.


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