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What are you doing over x-mas?


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Gotta do the family xmas thing at lunch for a couple of hours tomorrow but after that it's four days of fishing in the yak, anywhere from the Tweed to Noosa just depends on the weather what I want to catch and how wet i'm prepared to get.

Sorry to those working!

These are the 2 out of 52 I do get off so looking forward to it.

Good luck Plasticfantastic!

Look forward to the reports!


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nothing or drinking .

we where going to go camping for a week after xmass in the scenic rim area .

i was thinking that's ok some sun rise and sun set fishing for bass ,yellow belly or lazy carp fishing during the day .

but with the weather forecast there is not going to happen .

going bush camping with rain = mud mud and more mud ,the scenic rim can be bad for storms too .

so will hang around the house ,tinker and do some stuff in between the rain .

maybe a fishing trip or 2 if the rain settles or a day trip for a swimming / fishing sort of thing .

still thinking of camping at wave brake after new years if the weather is ok ,just waiting on what the weather dose for now .

usually we are busy as over xmass ,usually have 4 different family xmass party's over , xmass eve ,xmass day and boxing day .but this year one is cancelled and one was done week before xmass .

so going to be a nice cruise xmass .

i 'm thinking there no point hitting the middle or upper river up with this rain and water let out .

so not sure where to fish .

maybe the bottom end of the bay or just outside of the river mouth /bay area .

wonder how tinny creek is.

i'm limited to where i go .

i don't have flares or a v-sheet so i won't leave smooth waters.

i don't want to be booked for not having the gear if i go out of smooth waters limits and having only just got the boat running good ,i don't want to venture to far till i'm confident the boat won't play up on me and once i have worked out the fuel usage .

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well i hauled the boat 1300 kms to north queensland to do xmas at the missus familes farm......only to be met by terrential rain and strong winds! i will be up here as long as it takes me to catch a good feed to bring home!

am going to be fishing imbetween green zones around cape upstart once the weather lifts.....

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After a year of being mostly away, and before a year of being even more mostly away, I have until 02 Feb 11 off, so I will be hitting up a great deal of fresh, maybe some Straddie trips, and anywhere else I can go lol!!! The focus on the new year will be bream I reckon, although anything pretty much will go, as long as there is a lure in the water tempting fish ha ha ha!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, and remember, play hard, fish hard lol!!!



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Well survived the morning Chrissy ritual, most of my relos have been and gone prior to Chrstmas so I think I'll take a couple of the kids landbased at Gatakers and flick some plastics. Not expecting much of a catch, but with a break in the weather I really need to get a couple of the kids out of the house (read: I need to get out of the friggin house :ohmy: ).

Merry Christmas to everyone, have fun, stay safe.


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Went to Biggenden for xmas with the inlaws as the father in laws health isn't the best.was due to catch up with my mate in Childers then my dad in Bundy for a bit of fishing.Had to scrap the last two options unfortunately due to flooding.Went to head back to Brissie yesterday via Childers yesterday only to be informed by the good dedicated volunteers of the SES standing in the rain that the highway was closed due to flooding and it would be 12-24 hours before reopening so headed back to Biggenden knowing inland was cut too so staying another night there again. Will be ringing the SES this morning to get accurate update on road closures and hopefully be back some stage today.I am a bit more keen to hit the rivers for some muddies than for a decent fish but as I am going back to work next Tuesday, I will need to pull the finger out and plan for something before time runs out. Not too upset about missing the fishing as it's been good just to chill and have nothing to do for once.(mind you it's not hard to have nothing to do when staying in Biggenden around public holidays)

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