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Daddy and the boy


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Took my middle son Troy for a fish day before christmas, I dont get to fish with him very often as he is always flitting overseas to Italy , Germany or New Zealand with his job, or tailor fishing at Frazer or Double Island.

He was a bit rusty to the fresh water fishing but after awhile seemed to get down to buisness. We both nailed a few as did LGM who we bumped into on our walkabout, he was getting his last fishing session in before heading to the big smoke of Chinchilla to reek havoc on the cod and yellas, that is if they arent all washed away.

Anyway a fun session was had by all and it was good to have a father and son day for a change.

Fish while you can

Dinodadog1st bass




merry christmas


biggest for the session 36cm


Troy with one of his monsters


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