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What did Santa bring you?


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off the mrs i got big catch bass fishing 2 for the wee.so i can fish at home in the rain and got a onix (oink oink) multimedia player .

off the kids i got the fisherman's hand book (guide and identification book)and sing star queen for PS2 ,fat bottom girls here i come hahaha.

the oldest girl ,boyfriend and grandson got me the great outdoors angler's almanac and gift card for BCF.

so there mostly things to do with fishing and help fishing (which i need lots of help )hahaha.

think with the gift card i will get some 8 lb braid, berkley fireline looks ok .

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1. Bimini from Santa (early arrival thanks to the swap meet and Bigtez)

2. $100 voucher for Tackle Warehouse

3. 2 x Jackall Mask Vibe lures

So, pretty happy with that. Now if only Santa would concrete the 30 metres of soggy grass that separates the boat from freedom, I could get out and try out the new goodies!

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9ft cast net

$110 in BCF vouchers

air matteress (got something to sleep on for SOO)

a decent tent (got something to sleep in now when SOO comes around next year)

2x Big Day Out tickets (not fishing related, but calls for a weekend down the coast, so i'll take the gear with me!

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