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Bass up the creek???


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Hey guys.Hope eveyone had a safe and enjoyable Xmas. {with the obvious exeption of the weather}.A mate was telling me it might be worth putting the "yak" in at Youngs Crossing and having a fish up towards the dam wall for a few Bass that may have been washed over.Having never fished for them ,or for that matter ,not fished fresh water down here at all,what would you guys or gals recommend in the way of tackle?.Are small poppers the go or plastics.I guess the obvious answer is "try them all".I also have a fly outfit so if anyone has a type of fly they can recommend that would be great.Cheers.

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Yep, it is pretty unpredictable when the gates are going to be opening or closing, and there is no advance notice other than dam levels and recent rain within the catchment. I usually pack very light fishing up that way, in case I need to evac with haste lol.

Other than that mate, take some lures that will allow you to fish throughout the water column, and at times of low-light, or when you hear the insects going crazy, don't be scared to give the surface lures a crack. I have found sp's, spinnerbaits, and blades the best for covering all depths, just time your sink rate.

Hope this helps,


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Early morning and late afternoon are the best times. Too many other people at other times.

At this time of year, I'd be looking at being on the water by 0430am and fish until the sun reduces the shadows.

I prefer smaller size lures and I would definitely try poppers.

Fly fishing may be a problem as space can be restricted.

I'd recommend parking in the picnic area as the new gravel washed up when the gates were opened is quite soft.

I'm aiming to be there tomorrow morning for my first bass session of the new year.

As far as the flood gates opening, there's no problems as they close the road before they open the gates.


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