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Blooding the twin power..


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hi guys, its been a while since ive done up a report, due to going to Sydney to pick up a new car, work, xmas etc.

Well it was finally decided with Ming at a family BBQ that we'd hit up the coast for a quick sesh, ragardless of the weather.

Well the night started off the boat ramp next to the seaworld resort, with the furious winds and rain, we decided what the hell. Got our rain coats out and fished, and it wasnt long before Ming landed a tiny flatty. I think its eyes were bigger than its stomach!

10mins later, Ming was on again, this time it appeared to be a small eel, but at a closer look, it was a bloody snake! With both of us freaking out, we were quick to cut the line and bolt, thinking if there is one snake, there must be another.... must have washed in the water with all the high tides.

Well, decided to head off back to southport. i chucked on a piece of mullet and was rewarded with a 28cm bream. i was suprised to catch anything as the water was filthy chocolate brown, with debris everywhere. Anyway, chucked on another piece of mullet and 20 mins later something smashed my bait. Had good weight to it and after a few short runs, i landed a nice 36cm bream. Well, u guessed it, the heavens opened up and each rain drop felt like a kilo. Packed up and went home.

Not bad for an hours fish and finally got to blood my twin power 2500, 6lb line.

Cheers ty

smaller model


the 36




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nice one Tai :)

good on ya for braving the rain.. its getting a little frustrating with all the bloody average weather.

btw.. I think your twinpower could do with a little more line... you'd maybe wanna see half that amount of lip as you do in that last photo.

haha attention to detail Henz! yep, got a new spool of braid toady. Will load it up before the next trip ;)


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Sounds like a decent session mate, considering the state of most of the waterways, Bait will outfish lures 10:1 in these conditions I think. :whistle:

Nice twinpower too mate, how's it handling so far? I've considered one for a while but haven't found too many reviews worth a read. Be good to hear some feedback from you


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