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Just the one...


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Made the effort to get up early and was rewarded with no rain! so i was quick to jump outta bed and hopped in the car and off i went for a session at lake kuwongbah.

i ran into dino down there who wasnt having much luck.

long story short i tried multiple spot, multiple lures and only managed the one tiny poor excuse for a fish!!!

but hey i cant complain, a least it broke my donut streak of 4 sessions with no bass :lol:


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Cute little fella there! :)

I managed to sneak in a quick session yesterday at "K" with Ryan and we scored a few fish too. There were 3 distinct size ranges amoungst the catch. We only got one the size of that little tacker, most were approx 15-20cm long, and a couple were verging on 30cm. Maybe the result of 3 different stocking runs?

Either way they are great little lure smashers and I hope they don't end up on BBQ's and in fishcakes.


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One is better than none mate, and a great donut breaker lol!! I have hit up the fresh twice in the last two days and had a bit of success with mini vibes of the R2S variety, and also some of the smaller sebile flatt shads, using a slow roll retrieve. I fished tonight next to a couple of younger fellas, who didn't have much luck with blades. A more subtle vibration seems to work well over higher vibration blades, just a thought.

Good luck, cheers,


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