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matching up my rods and reels


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so with the rain and no fishing i decided i will take check of my fishing gear and i want to get some braid with my bcf gift voucher 25$ ,so that's 1 roll.

think i will need 2 rolls as i only have 15 and 30 lb braid .

so with the vast wealth of knowledge of things fishy on the site ,there would be people who would know more than me about this .

so rods and reels are matched by weight .

eg :

ATC hard stick dropshot light ,7 feet ,4 to 8 lb .........reel , rovex AU1 1500, 4 to 10 lb,125 to 185 yards .

shimano lipstix , 7.6 feet ,13 to 17 lb,2 piece.............reel ,rovex AU1 4500,12 to 20 lb,185 to285 yd.

just tried to put together the closest line weight of rod and reel ,think i got it right .

so for graphite rod 4 to8 lb i'm thinking 6 lb braid

so for graphite rod 8 to 13 lb i'm thinking 8,10 or 12 lb braid

these are my lure rods.

composite /fibre glass rod 8'6 foot ,8 to 13 lb ,2 piece.the reel has 15lb braid on ,should i leave this on a bait /steel slug type rod or change it to 12 lb mono.

i have only had braid on my hard body and soft plastics reels for my graphite lure rods so far .

so use braid on bait /steel slug ,egg beater type or stick to mono ?

overhead for deep water braid or mono ?

overhead for steel slugs braid or mono ?

i was thinking of sticking to mono for my 2 surf rods ,a egg beater and alvey and for most of my bait rods ,saves me having to tie leaders on.

thought of another question too ,i kept forgetting this 1 .

i guess u would put line that is in line with the lowest of the highest ling weight .


a 4 to 8 lb rod and a 4 to 10 lb reel ,u would put 8 lb line on ,so u don't over load the reel .

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deep water ie 100m plus off shore id go braid so i can deal with the current easier

shallow ofshore mono as its harder for the fish to see it in the clear bright water sometimes 20lb whiplash as i like the feel for finicky buggers

estuary bait mono as im too lazy to keep tie ing leader knots

estuary lure 2lb to 6lb braid i like 2 and use it the most

estuary shark mono

fresh water bass 6lb

barra 50 lb whiplash cheap and strong

these are just my thoughts


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