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went for a kayak today at hinze dam got down there a bit late paddled around for ages didnt seem to get much so i tryed down one last arm for the day and i found a lure that someone lost in the tree so i put it on and trolled around and what do you know 10 min later im onto a 45cm bass followed soon by a 38cm than about 15min later again onto a 38cm bass . all and all it was a great day im glad i found that lure it worked well :laugh: :laugh:





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Well done mate, it's funny how it works hey.

I once found 2 or three mister twister plastics (the original twin tail grubs) and an old pink jighead in my jacket pockets covered in lint and old receipts, and these led to a stream of great flathead back down home.

Great bass mate, well done


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