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maroochydore flathead and bream


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Each year our entire family travels up to maroochydore to visit my mothers sisters on christmas. This gives me the chance to take a break from the usual freshwater fishing and try my luck at some saltwater softplastics and some bait also. this trip we decided to take the boat just incase we did get a fine day and we could launch.

We arrived at my auntys place in the pouring rain and somhow i convinced my dad that it was a good idea to take me fishing in the rain :lol: . I knew i had little experience with soft plastics so at the advice of Dan25 i was using a squidgie flickbait in green and white. I soon got the hang of it and landed my first ever fish on a soft plastic lure. A very nice little flathead. A few pics and away he went.



The rain was then getting too hard to continue so we packed up and went home.


It was christmas morning and i awoke at around 5 to my dad tapping me and telling me if i wanted to get some fishing in he was going to take the dog down the beach so i could go with him. You little butey fishing on christmas moring in the rain cant get much better lol. anyway on my first cast with the flickbait i had a hit and i reeled in a tiny flathead. good signs that i was doing the right thing with the plastic.


That afternoon we traveled to beachmeer to my other auntys house for christmas lunch and drinks. while everybody was inside in the warm i took the oportunity to use my uncles hobie kayak and trolled lures around on the flats for a while with no result.


After watching the Australians make floos of themselves i decided to go down the beach with some bait and some plastics. ended up getting a flathead and 12 little bream.






I also caught another little fish on a flickbait. I dont think its a bream but cant figure it out. any Ideas i'll put the photo below .



With the floods threaterning my home town of chinchilla we decided to head for home not knowing that all the raods in and out of town were cut. i managed 3 casts before we left and came away with another nice flathead.



we ended up getting stuck in dalby for 3 nights untill now. overall I am very happy to get my first fish on a soft plastic and a heap of bream. thanks for reading

cheers jacko

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Your mystery fish is a little "Grunter Bream" good eating and good fighters when they get bigger ;)

Congrats on ya first Placcy fish, always good to catch something on your first try.

Hope all is well at home, and water goes down soon,from the reports on the TV it doesn't look too good,and we know what it is like to be flooded through the house and lose alot of precious memories.

We got stuck in Kingaroy overnight and just got home to Roma as the roads closed behind us. The water got up outhere but not as high as last march, but I had the sand bags on standby.

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