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Bass in the Bay - WIN!


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With all this fresh water gushing out of the sky, creeks and rivers I decided that targeting the usual Snapper, Bream and Tailor off Wello would be useless. I used my brain-box and decided to target Bass instead!

We woke at 5am and, deciding to take a leaf from Davo's book, making it onto the roads around 7:15am arriving for an early morning session at Wello at 'Sparrow's brunch' - 8 - 8:15am.

This was our first venture onto the water over the Christmas break and nothing was about to deter us. We managed to miss the early morning doldrums and arrived just in time for the winds to pick up. I had my best Bass-magnet lure on the troll behind me determined to get something in all this fresh water.

Shortly after passing the end of the jetty, my line made that sweet zinging noise when you know you're onto a good thing. A Long-nosed Bass (bshiticus maculata) had taken my lure and was dancing around behind me, tBox had turned around in time to see it repeatedly break the water and do a dance Barishnikov would be proud of. It was a feisty little beast, but i had managed to make a solid hook-up and at 40cm+ it was soon the subject of my dinner plans.


Things were looking good with a gentle 10 knot wind and an out-going tide making short work of the pedal out to Huybers. It seemed that we arrived at Huybers shortly before we set out.

One of our regular Wello buddies was out amongst it - we saw Ahmedy and his brother in the distance as they skimmed along the water like a scrap of paper caught in the wind.

Not wanting to catch cold in this fresh breeze we decided to call it a day and turn back into the 15 knot head-wind, against the tide and begin the amble back in (it looked like it could take a while and I just wished I had packed a lunch and maybe a good book to while away the hours).

On the way in I managed the only other fish of the day a Golden-Pinkie Perch (Macquaria Crapulata ambiguous). When the little sucker first took off I thought I was onto a monster with the amount of line it was dragging off the spool - then I realised I had loosened the drag significantly when I put the rod in the rod holder. In came the Yella-Pinky at an embarrassing 33cm and back in the briny it went.


Eventually we made it to shore and saw that Ahmedy and his brother were just behind us. While the lads had no fish to show for the morning, Ahmedy will soon take delivery of a stack of goodies from the States and will be taking on the War against fish with a completely new and modernised arsenal. Good luck killer.

A note to Ahmedy - where's the report about your latest PB Snapper!

Product placement: We decided to cruise round to Mal's new Hobie Emporium at Murrarie under the Gateway bridge and check out all the delicious yaks on our way home. Its nice new digs for Mal and Hobie and a convenient new location for us! Welcome to Brismore Mal.

So its Bass and chips for this lucky angler tonight and I suspect tBox will be having baked beans on toast. :whistle:

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Knocked a couple of good sized fillets off the "Long Nose" last night, a few crumbs and some crunchy chips and it was a lovely meal. TBox enjoyed her baked beans too.

Tugg: You young fellas. Barishnikov was a man's ballet-boy, at home prancing around the stage in his undies with a bunch of shielas similarly undressed. He was equally relaxed downing a slab of Schmirnoffs and a couple of hot pies at the footie. I even heard that he was a dab hand at bassin'.

You younstas have got to get your hand off your PlayStation and pick up a book; may I suggest the 1972 Playboy bumper edition.

Hey Lubbers (if that's your real name) where's my damn tractor!?

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haha Kreel, nice pics and even better fish names. It would have been great if you had been alive back in the days when things were being named . i had a not-sit-down-and-rest-weekend so didnt really have time to post anything. but the uzche is now settling in. so err I'll post the PB soon!

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