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Fishing New Years Day


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Well we were hitting wello but based on this wind it could be an utter blow out.

Boydy and I took his boat out there yesterday arvo and it was not fun.

New rule, if you see those damn kite surfers on arrival its prob not a good thing.

Anyway we will be hitting somewhere so stay tuned for a report.

Locations still on the table and to be decided.

Happy New Year to all those heading out or staying in!


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If it was anything like it was down the seaway yesterday arvo, I wouldn't bother. Dad and I took a drive down the coast yesterday arv to hit the beach gutters to see if the tailor were still cruising in, we ended up at the seaway to wait for the beach goers to thin out a bit. It was a bad move we were stuck at the spit for three hours due to the traffic being at a stand still from the spit back to the GC hwy. We caught nothing in the seaway and when we got to our spot on the beach all the gutters were gone and the beach was eroded and it was blowing at least 35+knots direct east, so we went home early for some coldies.

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i may end up out somewhere tomorrow for a fish .

have done the new years fish and crab before and it was a good day .

how the story goes .

end up at a mates place at carbrook for new years.

bbq and grog and karaoke for the nights entertainment ,pool and spa to chill in .

was meant to be a go home after midnight-ish ,but we went hard and where still going at 4 am .

so at 4 am we decide its a good idea to go fishing ,so the designated driver get a few 4 hrs sleep ,no more

drinking for him .

the rest of us keep going and 4 hrs later we are off to fish ,we did start to slow down on the grog by 8 am ,but kept a flow of water and beer to keep us going thought the day.

dropped a few pots the logan and off to the pin for a fish for the day .

then back to his place late arvo for a feed of fresh caught fish and crab .

was one of the best new years eve and new years day i have ever had .

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