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2010 Recount - Your Most Memorable 5


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G'day AFO'ers!

Well as I dont think to many people will be getting to many more runs on the board before 2011, I thought id kick off this thread :)

Basically what I am asking is if everyone could list their top five captures of 2010, photo's if possible and maybe a brief recount of why they were so special. Remember these fish dont need to be the biggest, just most memorable...

I am working on mine now :)

Cheers and happy new year!


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1. Mack Tuna @ Straddy. Why? Not a huge fish but on the gear and the rocks, a great challenge!


2. PB Jack earlier in the year. Why? Der! PB Jack!


3. PB Jew Boggy Creek. Why? 4lb line made this interesting.


4. Snapper on 4lb. Very recent addition. Why? Awesome fight on the light gear depsite being no where near my biggest snapper for the year. Targeting them in the way really appeals to me more.


Vid of the capture: http://www.australianfishing.com.au/community/videos/63-angus/video/210-Snapper+on+4lb

5. Straddy Cod. Funny choice maybe. I thought a Threaddy would make it on the list but no. Why? This fish was memorable as it was the only one landed out of about 8 hook ups. Only a 40cm fish it still proved tough getting out of the rocks and many were lost literally at our feet. Good times!


Overall 2010 has been awesome.

I have been fishing a lot lighter this year and really enjoying it.

Look forward to seeing yours.


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99cm Queenfish on a tango dancer

94cm Queenfish on a tango dancer

90cm Queenfish on a 70mm Flickbait

90cm Giant Herring on a live Prawn

And my first big Mangrove Jack on a live Prawn.

All land based in South East Queensland on a 4 - 10lb rod, 2500 luvias with 15lb sunline super p.e and 20lb leader. They were all great fun to catch..

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1. A bream. Why? It was my first entry for the ABT this year and as a result came 7th :woohoo: It went 700g and to top it off it was taken off the surface.


2. PB yak jew. Why? PB, 67cm (not alround jew PB) caught on a tt blade and on 4LB fins and 6LB leader.


3. PB yak snap. Why? PB, 53cm (not alround snap PB) caught on an RMG scorpian trolled, 20LB main and leader.


4. Whitting. Why? 1st whitting caught on a blade, not much but a tick on the 2010 hit list.


5. Another Bream. Why? PB at 38.5cm caught at the SOO, (note the correct way to measure a fish)


Plenty of others, but the high light is deffinetly the kayak competions which I have competed in, hopefully next year will be just as good (and hopefully next years economy will pick up although I doubt it :unsure: )

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1. My PB Jack to date, caught on a Lucky Craft XD. Tight country and a great fight, released well.


2. Best Estuary Cod for the year at 67cm, not a PB but another fish caught amongst the nasty stuff. Again caught on a Lucky Craft XD and released.


3. Flowery Cod, a first for me and not often caught in the Creeks. Lucky Craft XD and released


4.PB Tailor, great fight and a great air show


5.Spottie Macks, first real season on them and having a hoot


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1. First GT caught on my custom built popping rod (27kg)


2. Pb Kingfish on maiden voyage to a new location (19kg)


3. First decent sized dollie


4. PB Spaniard (12.5kg) but was cool catching it on a stickbait and watching clear the water by a metre.


5. One of the Gt's caught for the year on plastics combo (30kg approx)


A few more noteable mentions but these ones will keep me going this year...


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Been a fairly busy year, having started the lure business etc after getting the production methods down pat. this thready was the second fish ever caught on my lures, first was a bream around 30cm caught 5 minutes previous, not photographed


This was a nice jew in the middle of a crazy session, the river was firing pretty hard and we were getting a fish per cast. mostly snapper in the 40-45cm range and jew under 60, this guy smacked the lure right next to a pilon and gave me heaps of curry. was somewhere in the 80's forget exactly how long


Can't leave this one out, estimated 56-58cm jack when whole in the brissy river, sharked 2m from the bank after being on for around 15sec:


Having done very limited offshore fishing this wahoo was up there:


Last one is a hard one and a few good fish had to be pushed aside, but it has to go to the kingy caught during the moreton bay classic this year. Got a $200 snapper as well but the kingy was more memorable for me


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1.perfect weather, first Moreton Bay Longtail, landed by myself after an hour long battle just before sunset, never forget this day!


2. Had a cracker squid season this year, learnt heaps and was lucky enough to crack a pattern


3.Hairtail a rare catch for SE QLD and a great morning out with Doobsy


4.Not a monster but 41.5cm PB breambo caught on a squidgy flick bait @ the Pin


5.First Coomera GT, hit hard, went hard, first saltwater fish on Megabass Anthrax

thanks for looking

bring on 2011 and new piscatorial adventures !!!

cheers everyone


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1. PB Yella at 56cm I think (4lb line).

2. First MRC at around 45cm? (4lb line).

3. PB Bass at 49cm (6lb line).

4. PB Spaniard at 1.4m (30lb line), and

5. First bream on surface (PX45 and 4lb line).

Some other fish didn't get up here, which were also memorable, as it has been a very good year. I have had a ball and would like to thank my regular fishing mates for some great times. Happy New Year one and all to you and yours!!!



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1) First Ambo it was on first crack of an ockta jig and first day on Firebird

2) First king. This is one was caught on a williamson jig 400grm out near shelf

3) Biggest King 11kg. Ive only started to get out wide coming from manly LB fishing so for me this 11kg fish is a good achievement.

4) A gar on a tt switchblade from memory the gar was an odd 40cm

5) 91kg strippy although i didnt catch it myself gamefishing is all about working as a team. It was the first marlin ive ever and it will be something i remember for the rest of my live

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i spent alot more time in the fresh last year, which resulted in many first's and p.b's. the ones that stood out would have to be-

landing a mary river cod. (not sure on size)

1st ever fish, caught on a popper. bass 47cm.

p.b yella at 55cm (i think)

1st school dew caught on a s.p. (nuclear chicken jerk shad)

landing 2 jacks in one session, on h.b.





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i spent alot more time in the fresh last year, which resulted in many first's and p.b's. the ones that stood out would have to be-

landing a mary river cod. (not sure on size)

1st ever fish, caught on a popper. bass 47cm.

p.b yella at 55cm (i think)

1st school dew caught on a s.p. (nuclear chicken jerk shad)

landing 2 jacks in one session, on h.b.

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This should be pertty easy

N01. With out a dought my first mangrove jack from the SoO (52.5CM)

No2. My then 10 year daughter first 40cm plus snapper (42cm)

No3 My Pb bris river snapper (56cm) in the pirteck challange wrong species but who care's

No4 Best day on the water for 2010 with no1 daughter and good mate 7snapper 37cm - 49cm,2 flathead 52cm & 58cm but had 1 of the snapper knocked of at the cleaning table which just happened to be the biggest of the day

No5. after having the boat fill with water after a big down pour after a trip with tomca and the crazy man and boys in there boat and not sinking the boat.

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One of my first Trout ever caught when on holidays at daydream and the biggest reefy for the trip and was a hell of alot bigger then the bream and carp i usually get



My biggest carp and was the highlights of one of my best sessions out at chinchilla also got to meet jack and land this stonker and another one a bit smaller approx 70cm+ and est 15 - 20lb

My First Bream on a lure and on a popper and my first fish in a yak



First Flatty on lure and from a yak on a four dollar lure :D


And last is a tie my first and delicious grassy court just out frrom the marina on daydream island whilst usuaing the rest of the time we had using the tinny and my pb bream 34cm fork and about 37-38 end of tail




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Most memorable top 5 from 2010....

1. Julie 2. Samantha 3.. Lisa..... Oh you are talking about fishing ;-)

Well to be honest I did not do anywhere near as much fishing as I wanted to during the year, and that that I did do was not captured on camera.

2011 is the year of the fish for me, so who wants to come along for the journey!

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Wow... there were some crackers caught. I do love it that I was part of some of Angus's and Kris's catches. The mullet on the ciggie butt was ridiculous :lol: :lol:

Angus, not sure if those tuna on the rocks were last year??.. it may have been right at the end of the year before.... My head wasnt shaved then.

My most memorable. I've cheated and gone to 6..

1 - Jack on surface. This was just a cracker of a day. First time we'd gone to this location, and it was on fire. Surface action everywhere and this is what finally set off my surface fishing abilities. I've yet to find this place on fire like this again. Plus I had a shaved head..


2 - my first big jack. Landbased up at Bargara on 8lb/8lb. stradic 2500 and raider 1-3kg. Caught a spangly the same morning. Was back at my mates house with dinner sorted by 730am.


3 - Mac tuna off my boat. First time taking it outside of creeks and rivers and i think within the first 5 trips on it. Went out with Tomca and Terry originally to chase big goldens off the blinker but you can't ignore the surface chopping up and birds dive bombing.


4 - PB jack. Night session with Angus and my brother. Double hook up at the time with Angus on a cattie (i think) and me on this jack on Angus's Red Sword.


5 - PB bream. Got this baby landbased at a work conference down the Goldy before attending. Casually took the k9 and fought with some good power.


6 - squid on surface lure. Taken off Straddie on a C'ultiva Zip'n'Ziggy. Fantastic morning with heaps of surface catches and this to top it off.


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my most memorable for 2010 weren't all mine. I've taken BFoers to some of my favourite spots and they have pulled some fish.


1 Henry already mentioned our offshore adventure on his punt chasing tuna on bream gear


2 Meeting Kriso at my local spot and he pulls a solid thready out



3 MBC with Keen as fisho and losing battle after battle with the resident kingies at Dunwich, but ended up with a good tailor and some GT's


4 It might have been small but finally catching a kingfish on a lure, a goal of mine for a long, long time.


5 Bribing Ellicat with a jack to stop him banning me :kiss:

And a dishonourable mention to Dassa and the crap mojo his boat possesses. After so many trips and solid fish hooked, I have managed to be spooled, busted off, bricked and just owned big time with only an undersize squire to show for it :blush:

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1. most memorable. PB bull shark (1.4,1.5M on a stingray flap at shultz canal)


2. 3rd place thready in my fist BRC (71cm on live herring)


3. PB thready (95cm on live herring)


4.PB jewfish (67cm on a blade at shultz canal)


5. PB flathead (79cm on a trolled gold bomber at noosa)


these are the most memorable ones of the year amongst other PB's and hooks in fingers and other unpleasantry's.

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hey fellow fishing nutters; i must admit 2010 was a bit of a fizzer for me in regards to wetting a line, my boat packed up on me works been flat out and my now 2yr old son has kept me busy so here goes with wat i can remember lol:unsure:

1st up i didnt catch it but i got my dad on to his first mangrove jack we were landbased at the goldie he was so stoked and i was too ,for him:cheer:


number2 would be my trip up the coast to a special place with great mates and superb fish, this is one of about 20 caught in a day woot.


number 3 caught her in the summer classic on light as bream gear .woot.


number4. igot my bro on to his first bully estmate 4-4 and half foot .to scared to drag it in tinnie lol


number five i am scraping the barrel here for a pic have to say this barra it not a pb but on my mates rod and reel i swear he got from crazy clarks, felt like it was gonna explode in my hands, amazingly held up after 10 min fight to pull this in lol.


cheers, and i will be getting out hopefully alot more this year wootB)

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Firstly - Congratulations to those guys before me who have posted some truly incredible fish.

My 2010 was marked by my long service leave of 5-6 months, which allowed me to fish more and catch some PBs and firsts:


At Tugger Rock my PB Snapper at 61cm


Again At Tugger Rock 61cm Spangled Emporer PB


Final for Tugger Rock my first Spanish Mackeral PB and first 120cm


My first and pb Jewie at Jacob's Well 58cm


Not a pb or a first but I won a KFDU flattie comp with these 2 Flatties

What a great year, good luck to all for an equally successful 2011


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2010 flew by so quickly and was a great year in my books. It was our second year of kayak fishing and we discovered some new spots, accomplished many firsts and PBs, and made a few friends along the way.

My first memorable fish was way back in January. A mini Mac Tuna and the first fish I caught on a slug. I missed out on one at 1770 a month prior so when we saw schools of them off Straddie, skipper Ben made sure we chased them until I caught one. This wasn't the first or the biggest, but the most memorable that day because of the double hookup.


The second was my PB Jack. I was lucky enough to catch 3 last year and not only was this the biggest, I caught it hopping a blade which makes it a little more special to me.


Third wasn't a single fish but our week-long camping trip to Moreton in June. The first day we were able to launch the yaks it was really lumpy and all I caught was a longtom. The second time was on our second-last day and after many half-hearted attempts I finally 'got' the soft plastics thing. It was the same again the next day with more squire and a grassy.



Fourth was a Noosa jew. I'd told a couple of people that that's what I wanted to catch that weekend and I did. Not my first ever but the first on a lure and from the yak.


Last was myself. I'd forgotten my pliers and glove that day and when I went to unhook a pike, it flicked itself off and a treble went straight into my finger. Luckily Dr Tomca was on hand to capture photographic evidence and administer first aid.


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Last was myself. I'd forgotten my pliers and glove that day and when I went to unhook a pike, it flicked itself off and a treble went straight into my finger. Luckily Dr Tomca was on hand to capture photographic evidence and administer first aid.


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PB Snapper 70cm (with Shortie and 51MPL on Bucketlist with Warwick)


PB Jew 72cm (with Crazywalrus and his net)


PB Jack 46cm (with Tomca)

see Tomca's post

PB Tailor 64cm (with the kids)


1st Whiting on plastic 34cm (?) (with Faulked)

No pic


1st Penis at the MBC (alone - no-one will come out in The Force with me :whistle: )


Many other memorables but it's only Top5.

2010 was a pretty good year for it even though I didn't get out much, but when I did I managed to do alright. Good to see AFO has provided many of the fishing companions to witness me in action B):P :laugh:

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It was a ripper of a year for me in 2010 and 1 of the highlights was watching my son catch his first sailfish early in the year fighting it for 75 minutes it must have gone 60 plus kilos.

The year also saw me fish with some guys from AFO that i have met for the first time or just been out with me the first time that was a real buzz as some got a few PB fish that strecthed there arms. Some of those guys got there first mackerel with me and are now hooked for life to chase these speedsters every season

During 2010 i got many of my own special catches that put a smile on my dial but here are my best 5


This GT was a surprise


My best snapper for the year


My best yellow tail kingie for the year they always strecth the arms


My PB green job fish it was caught on spin gear and was 1 of the hardest fighting fish i have experienced for its size


My PB black kingfish going 30kg and nearly 1.5m long this fish when i hooked it the cobia jumped and showed its real size early in the fight and i was surrounded closely by other anchored boats so i increased the drag heaps and had a long dogged fight with it jumping 4 other times right out of the water it will be a long time in the memory banks

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