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Hayes Inlet 31st December 2010


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Hey guys and gals,

Just a short report on how things went today.

Had it planned for a couple of days for a buddy and I to head to the jumpin pin with 2 boats and a couple of mates. Mates bunked on me and i was left to fend on my own. I called a m8 in Redcliffe and he was only to happy to jump on my boat and keep me company.

So i got out of bed at 2:oopm and headed to Redcliffe. I noticed on the way down that the water in the Brissie River was like glass and looked totaly awesome. I wondered if i shoulod just hit it then remembered the poor m8 in Redcliffe waiting on me and I couldnt do it to him.

Finally got to Redcliffe and the weather was great. Picked the m8 up and the sky opened up for about 10 mins I looked at the m8 and went Im going fishing. I am hangin out for this session, Hahaha.

Finally got to the boat ramp. Got boat ready and m8 pops up and says Shane you got tyour bungs in. Ummmmmm no, lol. Got bungs in, told you I was hanging to get out there and get some fish.

Pelican park boat ramp was calm as water was like glass and weather had cleared. Got the boat in the water parked up the car and away we went.

Headed under the Hornibrook and into the wilderness of Hayes Inlet. Not much action for the first hour so I thought cast net and fresh bait, lets give it a go. Not to be done. The little blighters were jumping all around us but do you thuink we could net them. No way in this world. Gave up on that idea after about 15 mins and a number of casts.

Back to the bait and with in about 20 mins I got the first of the flatties. it went about 55 cm on the brag mat. Got a a number of small bream and whiting after that and not much else. At about 8:00 am it started to get a bit choppy so decided to call it a day. I had a rod soaking with a prawn on it and as I was about to reel it in what do you knnow it got a hit. The second of the flatties. It went about 45 cms.

Got it in the boat and headed back to the ramp. It got fairly choopy on the way back in and I got soaking wet but the m8 stayed nice and dry, not sure on how he managed that but he did, lol.

Got back home to Brissie about 10 so all in all a good day had by us with a couple of bonuses.




Wil continue to fish and report.

Until nexst time Shane.

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