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Angler 3.0 electric motor


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If budget is your main consideration a single speed 18 pound watersnake but you are limited with the single speed I would recommend a 3 speed so you can vary your trolling speed.

You have the option of a side mount or a stern mount. I have never used a side mount so cannot comment but i was never happy with a sternmount on my viking due to the fact that I kept running over my lures and then had to paddle to the bank to untangle everything.

I then changed to a minnkota 40 pound bow mount which I subsequently upgraded to a co pilot and was very happy with it and now use my ipilot 55 lb and wouldnt use anything else

If you can go a few hundred more a bow mount with remote control has a lot of advantages over the stern mount.

The main one is that you do not tend to run over your trolled lures if you do a sharp turn to avoid an obstacle.

My thoughts



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