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First Bass Session for the Year


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After a few drinks last night and me falling asleep a few hours before the nights festivities even started to get going Flash1980 and I decided that tomorrow we would try our luck for some Bass and Red Claw at Hinze Dam. Arrived at about midday to find the place empty bar one yakker just leaving who said he'd caught just the one fish, not a good sign but we rigged up and set off stopping at a likely looking spot along the way to deploy some Red Claw traps. Baited them up with some Rockmelon threw them in and headed for a spot that Flash had been having some luck at the last two trips. Threw out the lures and began to troll in a back and forth pattern which was proving hard with the wind side on to us making things worse. No hits so we pulled in the lures and headed for the calmer side of the dam and trolled over there with Flash picking up the first fish being a Bass of about 32cm. I tried casting lures around to no avail so to avoid the donut I tied on the trolling lure and got in on the action with my first Hinze Bass of about 30cm. Moved around the place a bit trolling as we went and paid attention to the more wooded parts of the dam which proved to be sucessful with a total of about 11 fish caught of which five were in the low 40's. Ended up being a good day and the rain stayed away aswell and as an added bonus we caught a handful of Red Claw on the way back.

Next time would like to try and catch a few casting lures rather than trolling, but a catch is a catch so i'm happy either way.


Rigged and ready to roll


My first Hinze Bass


Flash1980's Bass


Flash1980's Bass close up


My biggest Bass for the Day



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