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Owned by a flatty.


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Hi all.

As we all know the Goldy had copped a fair bit rain over the last month, keeping most fishos away from their prefered spots.

So I wasn't about miss a day of sun and fishing yestereday.

I grabbed some bait in the form of some mullet i had caught earlier in the month salted and froze.

And took a big box of shiny new lures and sp's with me.

I've never really bothered fishing with lures appart from spinning for trout in the vic high country, but after reading and whaching every thing i could on sp fishing i thought I'd give em a crack.

I sat with 2 baits out for an hour and had 1 or 2 small hits, so i pulled em in and thought i'll put all my efforts into the lures for the rest of my time there. (Just fish telle creek again.)

I gave the Sp's an hour and a half to no avail, I will be getting some more and experimenting though.

So then i tied on a nice new jap minnow style hard body, clear body, red head, yellow stripe under the head, rattling shallow diver.

I never got the name of it as it was all in jap on the box.

First cast out to a drop off on the other side of a sand bank, slow roll, pause and twitch, i got a great hit but no hook up, second cast a liitle whiting about the same size as the lure grabbed on. (Not sure if it was hungry or trying to mate.):blink:

Few more casts and getting hits on every one but no solid hook sets.

Next cast Whack zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, after a short but hard fight a nice flatty around a comfy 70cm (i'm guessing), I got him withi 2' of being laned and he ran again, i only had a 4lb leader on and got over excited and pulled a bit hard, then that horrid empty feeling SNAP :( , I dunno if I was more peeved about loosing the fish or the lure.

I figure a lure that gets hit on every cast must be a goodn.

I'll keep looking through ebay to find a dozen new ones.

Later thet arvo my partner came down with our youngest one and decided she's have go at flicking some lures with me.

But that's a whole nother story.

Lets just say tree 1 fisho nil.

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