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Hi All,

I'm going to be back in Brisbane in 17 days as I have been in the USA and am supper keen to go fishing when I get back.

I'm told that you have had a lot of rain and flooding in QLD. I just want to know if anyone knows if the sharks are still on the bite land based , if anyone had gone to point lookout for HSS or LBG ?

Any eels been caught in the last week or stingrays as by catch?

Is fishing slow and hows the water looking in the bay?


Happy new year to you all and best luck with fishing in 2011.

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A few land-based reports from the last week or two you might be interested in

Stingrays are still around. We caught a few off Mud Is yesterday. Fishing was a bit slow. Water was brown in the morning, then turned a greeny-brown as the tide came in, then back to brown again.

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