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trip to remember


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afternoon all

thought i would launch the yak at Victoria point this morning only to find no parking spaces.bugger

now where,i know Thompson beach just around the corner.five minutes down the road and parking spaces galore

unload the beast and head for the water

now this is when the fun begins

into the water i go and start cruising out and about two hundred meters out i think i will throw a lure out the back

so i reach back and grab the rod only to have the top treble stick into my (no mojo AFO shirt) As I am trying to pull it out the bottom treble jams into my forearm.as you do (swearing and cursing) is going on.so i reach for the knife to cut the leader and then out of nowhere a swell gets me by sunrise and i stab myself(finally blooded the yak):laugh:

so what do you do now.i know put another lure on and keep going

travel about six hundred meters out and still nothing.take ten minutes out have a cig and watch the world go by

next thing i know a turtle pops up has a look around and there i am

OK break is over and start to head back ( another donut coming i can feel it)

paddling back a checking that the tip is vibrating and then the rod bends.im on so paddle gets locked in and grab the rod and i have scales in the yak

carefully take trebles out of fish keeping forearms out of the way(experienced at that now) :laugh: and back in he goes

happy as a pig in (you now what) its time to head back

all is good in the world again

hope you enjoy and have a laugh because i am



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Nice work on the fish there mate. Just out of interest where you the guy in the Viking Espri that came in as my mate and I were loading our yaks onto a Commodore ute? If so my apologies for not saying hello, we didn't do much better either just one Flathead for the morning. If you're ever keen for a paddle some time drop me a message as i'm local to the area and always keen for a fish.



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Welcome to the Tupperware Navy Mac, we'll have to meet up for a session sometime soon.

It sounds as though you've got a lot of the early foul-ups out of the way - hook in some part of your body, hook in shirt, blood on boat, rubbish fish on board, general awkwardness on yak. It'll be a breeze from now on.

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